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Mozilla Partners ProtonVPN Launches Its VPN



Mozilla Partners With ProtonVPN To Launch Its VPN

Mozilla has made a partnership deal with protonVPN in a bid to launch its own VPN service. The new VPN service will be made available for Firefox users.

The partnership is expected to yield good results as the two parties will launch the VPN which Firefox will claim ownership. As soon the VPN is launched upon the release of Mozilla Firefox 67, users updating their browsers will be able to acccess the new VPN.

The official availability status of the VPN has been confirnmed. Mozilla has been in the forefront ensuring privacy of users on the internet. In september mozilla launched the firefox monitor to ensure more privacy and data protection.

The firefox monitor was provided to alert users on data breach using some special algorithms.

Mozilla will offfer the VPN service at the rate of $10/month. Breaking new grounds, firefox is expected to protect the privacy of its users which is seen as the core aim at Mozilla.

The VPN service was setup inorder to assist Mozilla with a small amount of the profit going down the way of ProtonVPN.

The partnership between the two parties was officially announced today as Mozilla was captured stating that their choice of ProtonVPN was based on their data protection policy and transparency.

The data protection of users should be at the forefront of every company more espicially those operating on the online space. If data is breached then the privacy and information of users are at risk.

A partnership expected yield good result as it progress further. Unlike the usual monthly fee at ProtonVPN Mozilla is offering the service for as high as $10/month which is more expensive.

According to the partnership a higher percentage of the revenue will be given to Mozilla and ProtonVPN settling for the remaining.

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