Motorola Power One, The High And Low Points


Motorola One Power, High And Low Points

Sitevanhuard’s Motorola One Power quick review

The flagship by Motorola has some features that are laudable but other features is not as good as we expected.

The smartphone incorporate features that are usually seen on other Motorola smartphones like flashlight, pure and original android operating system installed and Motorola camera.

The smartphone come’s with the original android operating system without modifications by Motorola. And what this means is that whenever Google sends update across the operating systems, you will recieve the updates instantly on your smartphone.

Motorola also guaranteed users of regular updates and security fixes to make your smartphone run smootly and stable for period of two years.


The Motorola Power One smartphone has an awsome battery life weighing about 5000mAh which can take you upto 24 Hours uptime without charge for regular smartphone users. But for mininal users it can take up to 48 hours without charge.

Although not seen as the best in terms of camera quality. But you can still install google camera to use alongside the main camera. The camera is worse compared to Moto G6 with better camera performance.

The smartphone looks promising but there are some cons we’ve found like;

* Slow Charge:

the smartphone is not fast during charge i.e it take’s longer time before battery attains full capacity. It can take between 2 to 3 hours compared to Moto G6 and Zenfone with 2 hours maximum.

The smartphone also has a Micro USB Type-C port


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