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Login/Logout Authentication Of User Credentials. The Importance


Improving Your Security With Log/Logout.

Several or even almost all companies on the internet uses the Log in/Logout system to authentic users or potential customers. The use of login Logout system make’s it easier for comapanies and platforms to know the type of users access that their products.

With the current trend of breaches, companies with no login / logout authentication cannot track users.

Authentication allows companies to get direct users accessing their products and their services, inorder to verify these users accessing their service.

It is important to note that without the login and Logout authentication system, the rate of phising could have been higher than this. Hackers could have brought down big businesses and destroyed their reputation for good. The use of this system has further saved most companies.

Data breach is something serious that has to be takled, but without the adequate measures in place it may not work.

Majority of the data breach cases we’ve had is simply an interference or a compromise of users credentials. The point is if companies and platforms have no user on its database then the issue of data breach may not have been there or seen as a serious issue.

People with login credentials mistakenly end up in the hands hackers through unknown emails or phising emails with a text promising discounts or promotions. Most people fall to these kind of cases because they are unaware.

Companies and platforms sould take the Login Logout signin authentication system as serious task to accomplish. Hacking is something you cannot stop because these guys steal your data to accomlish task that will earn them something in return at the end.

But adequate measures needs to be put in place to control the menace. You as user you should avoid sharing your login credentials of any platform with anyone.

The introduction of single Sign-in solution is also a measure aimed at controlling the data compromise and reduce password headaches.

The use of single sign-on also have its own effects most especially when your data has been compromise by phising elements. Their aim is to sell your data to companies in return for money.

These guys do not care about damaging the reputation of companies, all they are after is there returns. They sit and wait for the right moment to steal your data using malicious codes that can break into your system through websites you visit which store cookies on your computers and softwares you download from sites that are not trusted.

The main point here is how companies use the login logout system to authenticate users access. Companies make it a secret to all because it is too sensitive to reveal. But one thing internet users do not understand is that hackers are pretty intelligent and they constantly exploiting means to get you.


Data protection should be at the forefront of any company that wishes to survive. Companies should employ the use multi layered approach to authenticate users. An approach that will be difficult for hackers to exploit. Credentials of users should be authenticated and the profiles should be monitored closely to know the behaviours of the user.

Companies should apply the sophisticated approach to all login and logout processes. – Tech Study


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