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LG President To Deliver Keynote At CES 2019


LG President To Deliver Keynote At CES 2019

The president and Chief Technology Officer of LG Electronics (LG), Dr. I.P. Park, will be present at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in the U.S city of Las Vegas in 2019. The president will also give keynotes at the occasion were several manufactures and startups will be showcasing what they’ve got.

The 2018 edition saw lots of innovation we’ve never seen in technology and the 2019 edition promises even more. The human knowledge and interest in technology has grown far beyond the way we can think of, breaking boundaries and creating new ways of solving problems.

A testament of human technology is the evolution of Artificial Intelligence were robots are there to perform task that humans are suppose perfom. AI is now applied in several fields of our daily activities ranging from Manufacturing, service rendering, medical and more.

AI is a product of technology and has gradually found its way into human activities. In some countries, people loose jobs to AI devices and in the years to come, AI threatens more loss of jobs.

The 2019 CES edition will not be different from previous editions but will only witness new products and innovation.

Dr. Park’s address will commence at 18:30 on Monday, January 7, 2019.

The venue of the event is at the MGM Park Theater in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

The keynote by Dr. Park will be the first ever keynote by LG Ekectronics at the CES.

Dr. Park’s Keynote is on how Artificial intelligence will change the lives of customers which has its core based on three pillars of AI which include;

1. Evolve

2. Connect

3. Open

Dr. Park is expected to explain the role of AI in changing the lives of customers at any given circumstances. He will also explain the major progress on how LG is make the right decisons towards encouraging innovations.

The 2019 CES edition will showcase new world technology from over 4,500 companies in 20 product categories.


We expect nothing more than new innovations that will change our human lives and existence for good. Uptill 2018 there are aspects of human existence were solutions to problems have not been found.

The more we look into tech, the more our lives will change.


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