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iPhone XS Max Is Not Cool And Classy As We Think


iPhone XS Is Not Classy As We Think

Ever since Apple started introducing Apple Plus (+) versions of every new smartphone, we’ve seen nothing but extra functionalities.

Apple ensures that the Plus version offers more functionalities than the main version like the difference in screen resolution and battery.

Comparing Between Older iOS Smartphones

The iPhone 8+ smartphone has a bigger battery which is about 47% more than the iPhone 8 smartphone. Also, the iPhone 6+ has 61% bigger battery than the iPhone 6 smartphone.

This year’s iPhone smartphone aren’t like that. All iPhone plus models brings advanced cameras.

If you are to compare, the iPhone 6+ has OYS but the iPhone 6 didn’t have such feature. Again the iPhone 7+ and the 8+ all have dual camera functionality, but the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 8 didn’t such functionality.

If you study more closely all the plus (+) models come’s with different software versions to handle the advanced functionalities.

This year’s iPhones are different. The iPhone XS Max which is biggest iPhone ever made in the history of apple is totally different from from what we expected. It is not cool and classy the way we expected it to be.


The iPhone XS Max and Iphone XR are currently seen as the best iphones of the year. But it might interest you to know that the iPhone XS Max is just a minor upgrade from the iPhone X. Interesting right?

Here’s why we said so.

1. Battery

The iPhone XS Max is not better than the iPhone XS. The XS Max has a bigger battery than the XS. But only by 19% bigger than the XS Smartphone, and there’s only little improvement in battery life.

Also, the Iphone XS Max supports several games format which consumes a lot of battery.

2. Software

Apple could have taken advantage of the advanced Max by adding a quality software to it. The Max Lacks,

1. Absence of split screen multi-tasking functionality.

2. Absence of Landscape Home screen. (Available in Iphone 8+)

3. Absence of floating.

So you see, Apple couldn’t optimize the larger screen with software upgrade.

The screen density is of low quality. However the speakers are of high quality and the contents you see on your screen are alot more readable as a result of the larger screen.

The XS Max is a smartphone with less optimization, Apple totally missed out on this.


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