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Improve Data Protection, Japan Government Tell Facebook



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Improve Data Protection, Japan Government Tell Facebook

(Reuters) The recent increase in user privacy breach isn’t going down well with government agencies. The data breach on facebook stood at 29 million, and users were directly affected by the flaw.

The japaneese government has told facebook to improve on its data protection system thus safeguarding the privacy of users. Facebook witnessed the worst hit this year as hackers exploited a database flaw.

The breach affected over 29 million users worldwide thus revealing how insecure the platform is.

The Government of japan further told the officials at facebook to put users privacy on a steady watch and further communicate users with data breach report.

The government also advised the social giants to improve on its security system that will prevent hackers from easily exploiting flaws.

At first the issue was like a joke, but it turned ou to be real in the sense that some users noticed that their accounts were breached although some did not even realize that they were affected.

Facebook is trying its best to protect the information of its users but the effort is not enough compared to the series of attacks they recieved. According to stats, 1 in 10 people own a facebook account (not confirmed) making it the largest social media outlet in the world.

Some series of facebook data breach include the

“The Cambridge Analytica

. Although the government of Japan did not order or impose any fine on facebook.

All the government need is the proper protection of users data and information protection. – Tech

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