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I’m Leaving Facebook, Say’s Oculus Co-founder


I’m Leaving Facebook, Oculus Co-Founder

Judging by the recent post made by oculus co-founder, he is about to leave facebook for good. Oculus the platform were he is a co-founder is a top VR device maker and the point he gave on his post strongly suggest that he is about to leave facebook.

This year facebook has been involved in series of negative activities like the resignation of systrom at instagram which was credited at power tussle, as Zuckerberg wanted to be in charge at every place.

The nightmares of facebook also continued and landed into the data breach which saw the hack of 29 million accounts by hackers. The news kept on going.

Oculus was incorporated into facebook following acquision back in 2014 by the social media giants in the region of $3 billion.

The unexpected exit of fonders and co-founders at facebook is increasing, but the reason behind there exit is a mysery on its own.

Facebook is a giant on its own and seems to find a way to get replacement whenever there is a vacant position left. But the massive exit points out that all is not well at facebook but they’ve found a way to keep them as a secrete – Reuters


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