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Google Streaming Underway, Facebook Trapped and Other Tech News


Good day, october is here an we are continously checking out the latest technology news grabbing our attention from around the world.

1. Amazon raises the welfare of it’s workers – Tech News

Amazon, the world largest online shop has not been taking the welfare of its employees serious. The company has faced series of criticism for poor welfare on its workers.

But the latest is that amazon has stated that it has stepped up measures to improve the welfare of its employees.

The company made this known that from november 1st and onwards the salaries of its workers will be raised and kept at a minimum of $15 an hour.

However this may affect the prices of products on the amazon store inorder to keep up with paying the salaries as promised.


Welfare of workers is something that should be the priority of every company that wishes to become successful.

The increment in salaries of workers at amazon will motivate workers to do more and process orders from customers plus improvement in customer support and service delivery by staffs.

2. Google Inc To Launch A Streaming Gameplay Service – Tech News

Tech giants Google Inc is preparing to launch it’s first streaming gameplay. The new service will be made possible through the partnership with one of the top gaming companies Ubisoft.

So, you can say goodbye to games that cannot play on your Laptop PC due to some hardware requirements. All you need to do is to stream the games online.

The new service work’s only on google chrome browsers.


Simple and staright forward, the service will make it easier to paly games online. This move might change the gaming industry in the future.

3. Facebook will be fined $1.6 billion by the European GDPR for General Data Breach

The recent data breach issue making waves across the world is not going down too well with law making bodies.
The europen GDPR has taken a step to fine facebook for data breach.

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4. Microsoft Event Held

Microsoft has held the microsoft event. The event witnessed the official release of the windows 10 october update were feature like the “Your Phone Experience, Cloud based Smart Clipboard and others were unveiled.


Windows 10 october update will correct some abnormalities on the windows 10 Operating System. The important update will feature rich tool sets that will enable users carryout task with ease.

5. Job Seekers Support the move for AI based job interviews and other processes involved in job seeking

Seeking for job can be challenging sometimes ranging from racial, favouritism etc making it difficult for people to land their dream jobs.

The use of Artificial intelligence based system might eliminate all those scenarios thus increasing the chances of getting a job.


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