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Google: Providing Tools At Your Fingertip


Google: Providing Tools At Your Fingertip

Google a giant in the techh industry has been a major player for years now. The company by Alphabet Inc currently boost itself as the largest and the most popular search engine in the world. These days people do almost everything online like checking the weather, livescores, how tos and the likes.

With the power google has provided to the average person on the street power seems to have returned to some people. The ability to seek for information is right at our finger tip with just a click on a button.

Google’s rise to dominance is seen as second to none with world class tools applied to deliver the best search experince to users.

Back then in 2005, google was just a search tool with bunch of URLs staring at your face with less attractive title format. As at then the results returned to users were not at accurate as it is right now, but with much competition and the need to usher in innovation skyrocketed the growth at Google to become the most valuable search engine in the world.

Although in some countries like China were Baidu an idegenous search is choosen as the main seach tool making the most popular in th world most populated country – China.

The rise of Google has resulted to provision of solution to users in more friendly and flexible way. Google did not only focus on its search but it aslso went ahead to offer a video service (Youtube) a platform that has helped users get solutions they are seeking for visually.

Google efforts towards helping the global community resulted in the introduction of several ways to assist users get all their information fast. Like the Search Suggestions, Rich Snippets, Top Stories and AI driven search algorithm.

According to google some millions in the UK choose to use Google tools on day basis inorder to get work done. Google has also tried by offering most of its services for free like Gmail, you own your own email for free with a large of amount of storage allocated to you. Google has continuesly offered possible solutions to users everyday.

Google has consistently offered solutions to people in several works of lives ranging from schools, at home, offices etc. Google on its part has also helped in the growth of some organization through the use of tools provided by the search giants.

Today searching for seminar topics and project ideas has become easier for students. Although the use of study Libraries are still important as it is, the use of Google by students has further broadened their knowlege on the subject matter.

At workplaces google suite services are employed for the day to day handling of some office online task thus making life easier for everyone. The impact of Google is felt most especially those on the online space.

Even at homes the use of is more as families seek for DIY solutions through google, watching videos on youtube as well as checking the latest news update on Google news service.

Google’s commitment towards helpimg the global community has further opened up new ways.


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