Google Pixel 3 Series Gets 3 Years Update Support


Google Pixel 3 Series Get 3 Years Update Support

Google has promised to give constant support to the Pixel 3 series smartphones untill 2023 approximately 3 years of contant support.

Google owing to its drive in supporting its smartphones has stated that it will give priority to the Pixel smartphones. Updates include security fixes and bug fixes.

Google is among the top android smartphone manufacturer to support range of smartphones for long period of time. The support will be made available to the latest Pixel flagships.

Good to hear that google has kept its promise towards ensuring smooth performance on its range of smartphones.

The new smartphones by Google, the Pixel 3 and Pixel XL will recieved a guaranteed security update for a period of three years.

Apple on its part is also trying its best to support constant security to iPhone 6 upto to the latest advanced iPhone 2018. Only iPhone X was discontinued by apple for reasons we still cant figure out.


Some talking points on the Pixel 3 series include the absence of several features found on most smartphones. Again we dont know what google might be thinking of, about making such decision to ignore normal smartphone features.

Here are the features absent;

1. Absence of 4k 60fps
2. Low RAM compared to other smartphones
3. Absence of headphone Jack, although the trend was started by Xiaomi on the 6T.

4. SD card slot not found

5. Reduced battery, not expected in a smartphone of 2018

6. Notch
7. Slow processor.

As at now the google pixel 3 series is recieving camera updates.

What we see is Google still cannot optimized the Pixel smartphones for the Android operating system. Other smartphone manufacturers are doing their best to optimize their smartphones, but looks like google is not interested in that.

The problem we see for the Pixel 3 series is the slower processor rate. 821 is not enough for smartphone like Pixel 3 and XL. Google should have done better than this.

i am not convinced really, what should advanced users do with the Pixel 3 series. Okay if it is for gamers then the smartphone is useless. Gamers cannot use a slow processor hardware.

Google is making a mistake they love. 3 years of constant support and you give less features. Honestly speaking, the Pixel 3 cannot match the features offered by Samsung Galaxy Note 9, OnePlus 6T and Advanced iPhones Of 2018.


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