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Google Pixel 3 Faces Audio Bug


The Google Pixel 3 smartphone Hphas an Audio/Video Issue

The much anticipated and overhyped smartphone, the Google Pixel 3 smartphone seems to be having some issues with the audio system.

The smartphone isn’t bad according to its specifiction but it seems a little bug has surfaced inorder kill the hype the smartphone had.

The issue was recently detected by some Pixel 3 users who noticed the poor sound quality as well as the bug in the video performance.

Smartphones like Galaxy Note 9 were all sophisticated smartphones but had no issue like this, and what this means Google isn’t keen at competing at a high intensity with other android smartphone manufacturers.

The bug is seen as an Mic problem. Like audio recording in silent environments make’s it easier to notice the issue and is suspected to be some eletcrical interfering.

Suggestion cited that either google made some errors with IP68 certificate which is capable developing such errors. Although looking a it from such angle the IP68 certificate isn’t a problem at all.

Pixel 3 need serious troubleshooting, if Google aims at creating a nice user experience then they should consider a new fix and re-shipping of the Pixel 3. A smartphone with audio hiss is kind of dissapointing.

We are expecting google to fix the issue through a software patch maybe in the coning days.

Pixel 3 is a smartphone with minimal features, fans love it. With this early days of its release, Google should quickly fix the issue so as to avoid bad sales.


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