Google Pixel 3 Camera Specs: Sharp and Excellent


Taking the actionable selfie with Google Pixel 3

Google pixel 3 may have faced some criticism due to some low points found on the smartphone but even at that the smartphone can still produce what you need for your selfie experience.

Owning a smartphone with better selfie experience is real deal and the google Pixel 3 fits into that description.

The google pixel 3 smartphone boost of a fast camera performance, already all Pixel smartphones are fast in nature so what do you expect from a smartphone that is relatively fast at all times.

With google pixel 3, taking a selfie is an entirely different experience. You can take your photos no matter the condition of the weather in your current location thanks to its intelligent camera.

With Pixel 3, is not all about taking selfies, but also the thing of changing the look and feel of your photos and easily share them with your loved ones. Our take on the google pixel 3 camera will surely blow your mind. These are some super cool features of the google pixel 3 smartphone camera

1. The Perfect Shot

With pixel 3 camera you can do all your selfie needs with an HDR+ technology helping you get the best out of your photos

2. The right shot for the right moment

With the pixel 3 camera you can take shots the way you like, then the Top shot feature will automatically recommend the photos with the best shot for you.

3. Night Sight

Even at low lights or at night, the camera still performs at the highest. Compared to other cameras the pixel 3 camera can do without the camera LED Flash. So if you want to avoid creating a scene then go with the night sight. Perfect for smartphone of 2018.

4. Selfie With Peers or friends (Group)

Pixel camera uses AI to address group selfie cam issues. It eliminates all blushes and presents the true faces of your friends on the group selfie.

5. The Res Zoom

Zooming reduces the sharpness of the image you are aiming at. But pixel 3 camera addresses that by eliminating such blushes and presents the exact image to you with any alterations.

6. The Photobooth

Amazing and true. Taking selfies has got alot more easier than before. The pixel camera photobooth allows you take pictures without touching the Shot button, just your smiles and thats all.

7. Google Lens Suggestion

Just point the Pixel 3 camera at contact info, URLs, and barcodes and it’ll automatically suggest things to do like calling the number, or sending an email. This all happens without you having to type anything and Lens will show the suggestions even when you’re offline. It’s particularly helpful with business cards, movie posters, and takeout menus.

8. Playground

Pixel 3 introduces PlayEmoji, an emoji made from AR characters allowing you to add captions to your photos.

9. Potrait Mode

Google pixel 3 has an improved potrait mode giving you the best from your photos.

10. The Smooth Video

Google added a new selfie video to allow users capture scenes from the front and back cameras.

Pixel 3 camera is much improved than older pixel smartphones. You can share your photos with friends or put the on Google Photos.


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