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Google Introduces Mini Stickers Emoji On Gboard


Google Introduces Mini Stickers Emoji For Gboard

Having an emoji that perfectly fits your style is not easy to obtain and this was the reason that made google to research Emojis that perfectly fit your description.

The Mini Stickers emoji will be avaible for android smarphone users using the android keyboard, the gboard. For people that are not aware, Gboard is a second feature android keyboard developed by google to make the android keyboard more equipped that normal.

The Mini stickers are customizable, that is you entirely change the look of the emoji by adding features like nose, hairs, beard etc to the emoji. With this you make your emoji look similar to you in a fun way.

According to google, the Mini stickers emojis uses the combination of machine learning and artistry.

As you take selfies, the android machine learning algorithm automatically detects features like colours, hairs etc. The Mini emojis have lots of properties, you can customize emojis to different standards and to your taste.

The mini stickers are available for Android and iOS devices with Gboard. You can download Gboard on Apple iTunes and Google Play Store


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