Google Home Hub Review


The Google home hub smart device was officially unveiled at the Google I/O yesterday. Now we are taking a closer look at the Google Home device which has some interesting features to look out for.

The review for the Google Home Hub device for smart homes and smart people

The Google Home Hub is a little bit smaller than the Pixel 7 inch smartphone though alot people expected that it will be bigger than that. It has no camera but come’s with an ambient light sensor and cost around $49.

But you can use google photo on the Google home hub by selecting people you would like to show up in your photos and in some cases the pictures can be alot more small than usual and also you can set it up for display with a given time frame either in seconds or minutes.

The Google Home hub has google assistant so if you need help then Google assistant will come to your rescue. simply turn on the microphone and speak to it.

It has its speakers at the back, but the power stripe comes with a round head plug which is kind of surprising to many. But google has been using the round plug on some of its devices like the Home Mini. To get the controls you need to install the Google Home App so to control the Google Home Hub. Something unique about the Google Home Hub is the slideshows it has, you can easily set them up for your viewing pleasure, quite easily than you would think of.

The smart device has an Audio but no Video calling feature so its just there for you to use for other purposes like the Google Assistant, Play music, streaming and lots more.


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