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Google Assistant Headphones To Recieve RT Translator


Google Assistant Headphones To Recieve RT Translator Soon

Google assistant headphones will soon recieve real time translator even though the headphones haven’t lived up to its billing.

But it’s still cool and classy because the headphones will soon incorporate a Real Time Google Translate feature.

Google Translate is an excellent tool provided by google to help ease work process for everyone on the web. Imagine being on a website with an important piece but having it’s language on different space, certainly you can’t enjoy that piece.


But thanks to google for providing such tool for every one. And the the good news is that the feature will now be added to the pixel headphones.

However the only drawback for everyone hoping to get the feel of this new introduction is that it will be made available for pixel bud that are paired with Google Pixel device.

This may sound dissapointing for some but still a nice introduction.

The Change

But we have a good news for you, Google has made changes to the earbuds and what that means is that the feature is now open for everyone.

The feature has been made available for google assistant devices plus android devices.

How many headphones can think of that incorporates a translator? I don’t think if there’s any or maybe yes.


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