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Facebook Reveals That 29 Mln Users Were Affected


Facebook Reveals That 29 Mln Users Were Affected

Following the data breach issue which has caused huge spikes across the world, facebook has been under pressure to safeguard its status. It has been a long battle towards protecting it’s image.

Now see, how do feel and how can you explain yourself spending more time on platform that isn’t secure. According to the news on Reuters over 29 million facebook users were affected by this breach.

The company issued a statement addressing the issue which explains that an automated system was used by hackers in form of friend-to-friend hacklane.

initially, the reports around various media outlets including Sitevanguard suggested over 50 million facebook accounts were affected. Now facebook has stepped in to address the report after so much investigations on the issue and have reported that fewer than the initial number was affected.

The company stated that only 29 million profiles were affected.

As a measure to safeguard the account of users, facebook automatically logged all affected accounts just after the hack was carried out.

The company has further given hope to users with more investigation an are expected to message all affected users informing them about the informations that were accessed by hackers..

Facebook is in the middle of several cyber hacks more especially in 2018. Every hacker out there want’s to get the feel of facebook. Last two weeks a


hacker stated that he was going to hack Mark Zuckerberg’s account and possibly delete it from facebook entirely. Although he couldn’t do it and called it off.

The recent hack has further opened up the lapses and how insecure facebook has become.

facebook hack

Several Companies were affected by series of hacks like the Apple case which saw a teenage hacker hack Apple systems just for fun as well as british airways hack which affected as estimated number of 380000 British Airways passengers.

The thing is, the hackers accessed those accounts and they are still with those informations they got . The informations cannot be retrieved from these hackers unless otherwise.

Other reports we got concerning the 50 million hack which is cut to 29 million is that facebook has continued investigation seeking for more details more especially to find out if the hackers took other informations.

Data protecting should be at the forefront of every company that wishes to part of the leading group.

Social media users should apply caution on the type of information they upload to their social proifiles. Cyber hackers can access profiles through bugs. Also the use of facebook as thirdparty authentication system should be avoided by all means.

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