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Facebook In Search Of A Cybersecurity Firm


The protection of user data has been a pain in the neck for facebook as the social giants cannot give users the best of protection they deserve.

Facebook users no longer have the confidence and trust they have before on the platform. The 29 million data breach exposed the huge security loop hole that was existing in facebook for long time.

The issue is how facebook can prevent this data breach issue from re-ocurring. This may have led to the desperate search for a cyber security firm. The high profiled data breach has largely brought down the image of facebook and fixing it has led to the search of the cyber security firm.

Facebook has reportedly contacted several cybersecurity firms for possible take over although none has been brought to our notice.

Every firm or company that is serious about keeping its investment and expecting a return should focus primarily on its data. Data protection is the key to the development and success of any firm.

Facebook on its part failed to deal with this issue before it now became a problem . If facebook want’s to keep its reputation, then it should consider preventing future breaches.

A companies investment is a at stake if data is vulnreble.

The recnet 29 million hack shows how poor faceboook is i terms of data protection.

Facebook is among is the largest social outlet. But users are vulnerable to data breach, the status of facebook has gone down, they cannot ensure the safety of its users data.

Maybe the potential acquisition of the cybersecurity firm may proved to be agame changer


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