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Facebook Bans Brazillian Accounts


Social media giants facebook has shut down facebook pages and accounts associated with Raposo Fernandes Associados (RFA), for policy violation.

Facebook further explained that the organization used fake account to spread misleading and spammy contents. In wake up call to stop the clickbait system on facebook they monitoring accounts that create contents aimed at grabbing the attention of users and potentially go viral.

The group is associated with a brazilian political figure Jair Bolsonaro, and their objetcive is to promote him on the internet and social sites inorder to gain followers and support for his political ambition.

The spammy campaign was quickly spotted by facebook due to high user engagement and the investigation by facebook found out that it was a campaign for gathering support, thus resulting to the outright ban.

After the accounts were banned, facebook issued a statement which clarified the reason for the ban.

“Our decision to remove these pages was based on the behavior of these actors – including using fake accounts and repeatedly posting spam – rather than on the type of content they were posting,”Facebook said in a statement.

Social media is source for media outreach but political groups have taken it upon themselves to gather support ans followers. Facebook is taking its policy violation very serious. The ban should be an eye opener for other groups thinking of carrying out such campaings in the future. – Reuters


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