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Explaining The Bagel Emoji For iOS


The begelgate emoji for iOS 12 is a seed like bagel emoji for iOS devices. The emoji is not what most people like but the new update on iOS has changed the look of the begel Emoji.

The new emoji now looks painted with two bagel with a little ice cream, a total replacement fot apple begel but redesigned for all iOS devices.

Every operating system has its own emojis by default although these days smartphone manufacturers now own their emojis made perfectly well.

Emojis are perfect characters sometimes animated that fill the chat experience for users. The Emojis can be used in several ways like expressing your feelings, painting a picture or a scenario.

The old apple bagel emoji was kind of a crap, but the new update seems to be a game changer in every aspect of the bagel emoji. Uhm! If you own an Android based smartphone you may not exactly know what we traying to point bu iOS users can identity our point.

Explaning the bagel emojis is kind different in some developers. In Google, the looks of the bagel looks awesome.

In Microsoft, its so crappy and even worse than google. Samsung good but twitter is funny.

I can’t say for sure but apple bagel Emojis is best from all bagel emojis.

Apple looks like adding finishing touches to every aspect of its operating system on every update. The best any developer can offer is to produce softwares that are more interesting and attracting.

The apple bagelgate EMOJI is the best from the available bagels across other developers


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