Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 (PC) Talking Points


Talking Points Of Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 PC Version

Call of duty has been a sensational video game for many PC gamers, it is a game to enjoy for every game lover.
Even though the graphics looks great on windows PC, the case looks different on Xbox one consoles more especially on multiplayer scenes. I just cant image what you guys will feel like, but all the same the game is cool on its part.

One thing we’ve noticed is the game engine has got a new look and is quite different from the usual engine the developers were using.

The graphics quality is around 1080p and 1440, maybe not as bad as you will think of.

So what do you see about the top challenges on Call of Duty Black Ops 4, Quite challenging guys in the single player mode. We’ve waited for so long to see a game like this from Call Of Duty developers.

Its predecessor Call Of Duty 3 was also good and interesting too, the new abilities introduced make’s it easier for Single Players to make the move and get grounds.

Some gamers actually thought that the developers would come up with a totally different name or a new franchise however it turns out to become call of duty black ops 4.

But if you watched the videos of the game you would have noticed what we are saying. This is 2018 and we’ve got to see something new and different.

One thing about Call Of Duty is that even if it has awful graphics the game play is still thrilling. But we hope the developers will put more efforts towards improving the graphics.

Wether you like or not the game has top positives you understand what i mean. You can check out the review on


But some people see Call Of Duty 4 as the most enjoyable game since MW2. But this what fans will love to say, but still not bad for a game of about $40 dollars.

The game is still nice even though it gat some poor graphics quality. What do you think about the game play, have you watched the scenes on Youtube? Or have tried playing it.

Hit us out your comments are important.


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