BeautyGate Removed From iOS Devices


BeautyGate Removed From iOS Smartphone

The removal of beautygate was a a result of poor camera on iPhone XS and XR smartphones. And the removal of beautygate will enhance the selfies and pictures taken using these two smartphones.

iPhone XS came with a perfect rear came but the selfie came wasn’t as good as the rear camera which resulted in poor picture quality for selfie lovers.

Fix on its HDR camera will surely make iPhone XR and XS to have better cameras compared to its previous look when the smartphone were unveiled. The front camera on iPhone XS and XR didn’t make any sense to us at all, it lacked several features that are suppose to be their and apple once again failed to better optimize the smartphones.

The thing is, whenever you take pictures on iPhone XS and XR it goes into steady processing from frame to frame, but why the processing ? Instead pictures should be presented without processing that is if your cameras are good enough. It shouldn’t go into any processing at all.

Most smartphone in 2018 goes under this same processing and sometimes alters the look of the pictures. But instead of that pictures should be presented without processing so that users will do the rest for themselves because the processing state reduces the battery level at a certain percentage.

The mistake Apple does is they fail to implement the right features and whenever things go wrong they go into bug fixing. But we are glad that the problem has been fixed.

The blur selfie pics are gone now and you can enjoy your selfies on your iPhone XS and XR smartphones


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