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ASA Bans Spotify Ads


Irritating Spotify Ads Banned

A spotify Ad has reportedly faced a banned. The Ad was banned as a result of potential cause of distress to children.

The play of the advert was about a horror movies scene used with scary dolls causing distress on children. ASA the body in charge of advertising regulations and standard stated that the Ad was capable of creating scary scenes for children or under aged teenagers.

Naturally children can be scared of little triggered scene. The world has come of age when children at the age of 13 have access to the internet although under the guidance of their parents.

These children can see these ads and could become afraid of the horror scene it provided and the Advertising Standards Authority do not want such scenarios to occur thereby enforcing the ban on the Ad.

Further on the judgement the providers of this Ad Spotify has been issued a warning. ASA told spotify not to feature such Ads in its future Ad campaign and they should only display Ads that are appropriate for children or the Ads should targeted properly.

However spotify has responded to the ASA’s ban with a statement that it regreted creating such contents.

ASA stated that the Ad was citing some violent scenes although spotify quickly responded saying that the ads may have had some horror scenes but it was never a violent ad.


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