Apple’s Liquid Retina Dislpay Isn’t Top Notch



The retina display on the apple iPad isn’t top notch as expected, looking at most reviews and performance. Apple did reveal to us that the new iPhones of 2018 has HDR 10 and Dolby Vision compatible although the iPhone XR did not support such feature.

But the surprising thing is the absence of HDR 10 and Dolby display on the iPad Pro. Our take is why apple abandoned the features on the iPad Pros. Apple only mentioned to us that the HDR display is only present on the Photography.

But why apple abandoned the feature, HDR and Dolby isn’t bad at all. Maybe they are looking in the direction of making a constant shift on every new device they’ve got.

But looking at it at this angle iPhone XR being a budget friendly phone is suppose to incorporate such feature. Looking at it, the iPhone XR is the successor of iPhone 8 and as a result deserve better than the way apple has made everything.

But one thing we still haven’t looked at is the tag apple gave it, the smartphone isn’t budget friendly, if you look at the cheapest smartphones of 2018, the advanced iPhones will not be found within the first 15 devices. The smartphones didn’t qualify the tags given to it. The smartphones were only upgrades from existing hardwares with little software implementation.

The two three devices are good although it may have gotten some flaws. The October 2018 apple event has silenced critics on the direction apple is planning to take.


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