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Apple Working On Its ARM Processors


Apple Working On Its ARM Processor

Reports from Theverge and 9to5mac suggest that apple is currently working on its own non mobile ARM processor and may dump Intel’s processors in the coming years.

Apple seems to be finding its way into ARM development for desktops and PCs. The new chips currently working on is expected to hit MacOS PCs either from 2020 or beyond.

The new development may span across iOS devices and the future apple car expected to hit the markets sooner in 2023.

It looks like Apple Inc isn’t sitting on the fence and they’re gradually doing there best to compete in the hardware development space. The emergence of Apple Car in 2023 may signal a major breakthrough in the history of Apple and the automobile world in general.

The rumours has grown for years although it was not as serious as it is right now. This maybe a secrete adventure that may soon turn to reality in the nearest future.

The introduction of its own processor signal major changes in iPhone hardwares like the CPU and others.

If apple switches from its current processors to the new ARM processors, lots of changes within the software space will be changed.


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