Android 9 Is Popoular Among Pixel Users


Android 9 Is Popoular Among Pixel Users

The recent release of Android 9 shown to us how creative the developers at android can be.

The main focus that every developer should have is to create innovations every time a new project is launched. We at sitevanguard strives hard to give you the very best news from the tech industry.

We were greated with advanced functionalities when the Android was official unveiled by Google.

The tech giants have further created measures to improve the user experience of people using the Android operating system.



Android 9 came with lots of features like AI and machine learning capabilities ausome gestures and improvement on the UI. The notifications pane was different from previous version.

Pixel devices are owned by google and they will tryy their very best to make it standout among other devices. The fast updates on Pixel smartphones has made it standout among others.



Google tries it’s best to release updates which includes security patches every month. According to google official, several Pixel smartphone users are now running Android 9 on their smartphones.

So far several smartphone manufacturers isn’t taking the opportunity Android 9 offers. Fast update is what keeps smartphones heathier and stable and google has done its best to deliver such to their pixel devices.

Officials at Google revealed to us that over 75% of Pixel smartphone users are already running android 9, really goog start for google yo can say.



Other smartphone manufacturers are not matching what google does to its Pixel devices. Samsung, OnePlus recently unveiled smartphones this year targeted at Oreo instead on choosing Android.

HMD Global, the company in charge of nokia devices has choosen Android One as its core platform and has promised to support regular updates including security fixes.


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