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AI Threat: Silicon Valley Team Up With China


AI Scare: Silicon Valley Team Up With China

The rising trend of Smart robots is gradually becoming a scare and a threat to human workforce. AI robots are smarter computers configured with special algorithms which enable these robots to perform what humans do, and since they are machine they tend to outperfom humans most cases.

Inasmuchas AI machines are smart, humans are still smarter although in some field of endeavour like tech related field these robots tends to outsmart humans. Already the human workforce has been threatened in some high-tech companies. The intelligence and performance AI offers has made some industries to consider these robots at the expense of humans.

China has now poped up its interest which saw its indigenous search engine Baidu becoming the first chineese company to join the US led alliance on AI which includes big companies in Silicon Valley.

The threat of AI to hunan race led to the formation of the alliance back in 2016 with the goal of reducing the concerns of AI threat to the human society.

If AI is not regulated, we may suffer the consequences. AI is nice piece of high-tech that is here to change the way we operate. Thankfully it has saved us from several aspects.

But the big concern is the consequence it may have on the human race in the nearest future.

What is AI actually: Artificial intelligence or machine intelligence is a type of intelligence demonstrated by machines other than human intelligence.

AI devices percieves its environment and take actions aimed at achieving success.

AI can be used in several ways ranging from manufacturing, production, assistants, medical, service rendering and more. And these devices tends to outperform the human workforce.

The tech companies in the alliance include,

1. Microsoft

2. IBM

3. Google

4. Amazon

5. Facebook

Including academics and others.

The alliance is aimed at regulating the threat AI has shown to humans. As more companies continue to show interest in the AI alliance hopefully it may yield good results


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