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50 Million Hack: How To Tell If Your Facebook Account Was Hacked


50 Million Hack: How To Tell If Your Facebook Account Was Hacked.

Some couple of days ago, a taiwanese hacker named Chong chi wang said that he was going to delete facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s account, however he has decided to cancel it.

According to him, i reported the bug i found to facebook and i’ll show proof to everyone one’s i get feedback from them. He also stated that the broadcast was made available before he changed his mind.

This may not be unconnected with the massive security breach reported by facebook on september 16, 2018.

The company found out the bug as a result of increased users access into facebook platform.

Facebook a social platform with over 2 billion active users and counting every month called the increased users access as unusual.

50 million users is a huge number of accounts, i mean according to stats the social platform has over 2.3 billion users. 50 million users compared to over 2 billion users is not much, but the deal is everyone is not affected.

How Accounts Were Affected

After the issue was found, the company started investigating it and 6 days ago that was september 25, facebook team of engineers found out that hackers took advantage of bugs found on the “View As Feature

A feature available to users.

The bugs found are as follows,

1. Bug Sagnum: in “View As Feature” the video uploader is suppose go off, however it remained there.

2. The second bug granted access to the video uploader to obtain access token having the exact sign in feature found on iOS and Android facebook mobile app.

With this, hackers now have access to the view as, the uploader and access to the token.

As a measure to protect the accounts of users that were affected, Facebook re-generated the access tokens to the affected 50 million users i.e there accounts were logged out of the platform

How Tell If Your Account Was Affected

When you log into your facebook account again you will be greeted with a sign in page. Some users were given a short survey.

So what that means is that, the tokens generated by the bug made facebook team to log your accounts out inorder to protect your account.

This hack is one of the worst hack on facebook. It is a bad image on facebook. It might interest you to know that facebook is selling users data (Rea This: How Facebook Is Selling Your Facebook Account Information and Data)
One thing is, if someone get’s access to your facebook token he/she can post with your account without your notice.

Beware of the stuffs you post on facebook platform, hackers may get access and use your information you’ve uploading.

Facebook is a simple social platform were friends, peers and family members meet to express themselves.

What most people do on facebook

¤ Some people use it for marketing

¤ Some people use it for posting pictures and other stuffs like that.

¤ And others use it to quitely watch others do their thing.

Note: as a marketer, if you are using facebook third party authentication system, you should consider changing your mind on that.

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