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Video, Themes And More Added To Bing Search


Video, Themes And More Added To Bing Custom Search

As part of plans to improve how search results are displayed and processed for users, Bing powered by microsoft has released new features to enhanced its serach capabilities.

According to Bing, the new features are targeted at developers and non-developers like the average internet user out their that love’s to search for solutions on the internet.

Creating powerful search experience has been the major focus for bing search in recent times. The company has made various efforts to standout among the rest. Recently the company introduced image search, allowing bing users to search for what they need directly from a picture of through a camera snapshot.

Microsoft, the company behind bing search has been involved in trying to change the lives of people through the use of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is now playing a big role in the lives of people and businesses changing the way the world is going by introducing smarter and easier experience for people.

Our human existence today is gradually seen take over by AI based devices. Recently an AI device was developed to predict weather condition within a geographical region and give back the results to the appropriate bodies.

According to Bing search, some websites on the internet are now making use of bing custom search on their websites. The use of custom search on websites is an already existing trend with google dominating several websites.

Powering your website with bing custom search can go a long way bringing powerful vertical search experience through relevant sources.

The recent version of the custom search by bing search recieved lots of feedback from websites which has now triggered the release of an enhanced custom search with features like custom auto suggest, custom image search.

In a bid to change the way people experience bing search, the company has released the version 3 of the custom search feature. With features like

1. Ability to block specific queries from the auto-generated query suggestions
2. Users can pin search results to specific serach queries by supporting pinning queries that start with or end with a phrase/ term instead of only exact matching.

3. customizing enhanced colour themes in Hosted UI.

4. Video search from web results already configured on bing search.

Microsoft is making lots of effort to change the lives of people through AI, now powering Bing search with lots of AI based capabilities to usher in new experience for online searchers


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