US Trade Agency Plan’s Big For Nigeria’s Broadband


The US Trade Agency Plans Big For Nigeria’s Broadband

The relationship between nigeria and the united states is yielding good results so far.
This come’s as the Trade Agency of the US has planned a big move and penetration into nigeria’s broadband.

The trade agency of the US recently release a grant to the Backbone Connectivity Network Limited of Nigeria.
The US trade Agency is planning big for the nigerian broadband sector through this partneship.

The partnership will bring about the building of a Tier III data centre in the northern state of kaduna including a metropolitan broadband access in nigeria’s federal capital, Abuja.

This move will further develop the nigerian broadband sector to high percentage within the next few years. The US Trade agency calls it a business plan aimed at the deployment of broadband fiber network that will cover the north western region of the country plus a Tier III centre in kaduna state.

BCN, a data communication company whose sole coverage is on the north west region of the country.

Furthermore, the US Trade Agency and BCN see’s the partnership as a move in the right direct which is expected to increase the set target by the government of Nigeria for broadband penetration in Nigeria.

The partneship is expected to increase the broadband penetration by 30% percent.


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