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Uber Set To Open An Engineering Hub In Canada



Uber Set To Open An engineering hub in Toronto, Canada.

Uber plans to open an engineering hub in toronto, a project expected to take off in the early part of 2019. This move was made public on thursday when the company unvield its plans for a possible expansion to places like toronto in Canada. The new engineering hub is expected to generate over 100s of jobs for both canadians, the company also plans to invest over 150 million dollars in toronto within the next five years to come. In recent times there have been some ups and downs in the US due to difficulties faced by some companies doing their business in the country. in a statement by Uber, it will give chance to uber engineers to relocate to canada. The company is expecting most of its engineers to relocate to toronto. Back in 2017 Uber opened the first self driver research in canada and the new engineering hub shows the possible of massive investment by Uber in Canada.

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