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Sitevanguard’s twitter Roundup on monday is full of exciting tweets from users across the world. The top twitter trends on our radar today includes;

1. #MondayMotivation
2. #1YearWithoutTeenWolf
3. #OttawaOutage
4. #Pandora

Twitter Roundup: Twitter Trends

1. #MondayMotivation (World)

Several users were seen expressing their wishes and desires on clean monday with much expectations from their various field of edeavours.

Wishing yourself the best can motivate you to do the things your are doing, the right way.

Tweets From

Eko Club Nigeria

Tweets From


Tweets From

Beth Frates, MD

Tweets From @ImGabyMtz

Honestly it is a blessed monday from our end, maybe your own side is different, but remember to wish yourself the very best every single day.

Twitter Roundup: Twitter Trends

2. #1YearWithoutTeenWolf (Brazil)

TeenWolf, an American movie starring scenes happening in a complicated way. One night, scott was walking into woods and encounters a creature, bitten by the little creature changed his life forever and has put him in the middle of becoming a wolf and a human.

Some episodes include,

1. S06 E20 · The Wolves of War 24 Sep 2017
2. S06 E19 · Broken Glass 17 Sep 2017
3. S06 E18 · Genotype 17 Sep 2017.

Brazilians are talking more on the movie with over a year of not seeing the movie seems like empty can for them. See the related tweets by some brazilians with the hast tag #1YearWithoutTeenWolf

Tweets From



Tweets From @seokjinous

Tweets From @lilgallagherrx

Tweets From carla misses tw @lovesbrien

Teen wolf is an interesting movie were strange things occur. We can’t wait for new episodes. Hope to see them on our screens soon.

Twitter Round Up: Twitter Trends.

3. #OttawaOutage (Canada)

Ottawa is a great City, the capital city of the Canadian people. But today the city is faced with the issue of total power outage in the city. What else can you do if you have no power in this era we live in. All our gadgets require electric power to run.

The power outage in the city has caused some businesses to cut shot their operations, Private individuals are not left out of this. See Latest Tweets from Ottawa Citizens

Tweets From Kim Vee @Kim_MusicFest

Tweets From Shane O’Neill @stroneill

Tweets From Ms. Megan Valois @msvalois

Tweets From Rylee Kloek @Rylee_Kloek

Twitter Roundup: Twitter Trends.

4. #Pandora (US)
After the recent release by Spotify giving giving artists the chance to upload songs unto the platform, speculations suggest that massive migration may happen. However there is a heated talk in comparism between apple music and pandoramusic. The deal is, SiruisXM wants to acquire pandora for 3.5 billion dollars See the latest tweets

Tweets From MockUX @MockUX

Tweets From Jennifer

Tweets From Darren Culbreath @darrenculbreath

Tweets From Danmark Music Group @Danmarkmusic

The deal if completed could cause a change in pandora.

Twitter Round Up: Twitter Trends

Regarded as one of the top cup competitions for football clubs running under the FA, most especially teams in the English Football League System.

There is a delay in the FA cup draw causing reactions from several english football enthusiats. See tweets

Tweets From Tom Bage @Baggy_Bage

Tweets From Stuart James @StuartJamesWMN

The draw for the English FA cup draw was delayed. However we are still waiting for updates.

This sums up our twitter round up for Monday 24 September 2018

Disclaimer: We do not endorse any tweet or user twitter handles and all users are entitled to their opinions and dose not mean any endorsement by Sitevanguard Tech News.

Source: Twitter.com
By: Sitevanguard


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