Top 5 Best Android Games You Should Consider Playing This Week


Top 5 Best Android Games You Should Consider Playing This Week.

Welcome to our ever green game listing section. In this section, we shall give you a round up of the top 5 games you should play to keep your self engaged. We are set and will continue to give you a roundup of the top games on a weekly basis. You check us out on every Tuesday of the new week to get list of entertaining games you should play. This games where carefully selected and rated based on comments from various game geeks. In our list this week are games that will surely increase your gaming interest and will be favoured by android users with larger screens.
Here are the round up of the top five android games you should play this week.

1. Clash Royale

Clash Royal is on our radar this week, in this game you can collect and upgrade various card featuring various troops and other characters. Some of the characters include Knights, Princes, Baby Dragons etc. You are given the task to knock out the kings and princesses of your enemies inorder to win trophies. You can earn chest to unlock rewords, build and upgrade the card collection and progress through multiple arenas. You have defeat your enemies to win crowns in the Arena.

2. Disney Magic Kingdoms.

Another exciting game on our radar is Disney Magic Kingdom, a game were you are given the role of decorating a park the way you like or the way it suites you, just ensure that the park looks awsome and beautiful just like the real world disney park. You can build over 100+ parks looking more attractive and attention grabbing like the Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion etc. There are attractions from the Disneyland Park, Disney Paris, Tokyo Disneyland and many more with over 150+ characters from Lion King, Toy Story, Beauty and the Beast etc. But remember that you will be faced with challenge of disney villians whoose sole aim is to destroy the park you’ve built, you’ll also face battle with Mother Gothel, Scar and many more.
You can choose from new characters and attractions.

3. Rapala Fishing – Daily Catch

Rapala Fishing is an android fishing game with thrilling and realistic 3D fishing at 21 different locations. Your job is to lure big fishes using tackle box with an authentic rapala gear, there is an option to upgrade your gear and become an experienced fisher. With simple controls to help you navigate easily in the process helping you to get more fishes without timers that may restrict your fishing operation. The game offers a 3D graphics experience with variety of fish across North America. You can prove your skills by competing daily fishing tournaments.

4. KungFu Clicker

KungFu Clicker is a martial arts master. Your neighborhood is under attack by the shadow of Fang gang so your duty is to fight them and defend your neighborhood from their attacks. You can make your idle profit grow by tapping on your dojo, continue tapping to build more rooms for training students in martial arts of karate and KungFu. You can train your students to become heroes.

5. Hungary Dragon

Hungary Dragon is a game by Ubisoft Entertainment featuring a dragon character ready to eat anything on its part. You can customize the look of the Dragon by unlocking crazy customes to fly faster, eat more and burn bigger, a fire breathing dragon.

Your mission is to destroy villages, caves, forest etc. Smashing through obstacles, feed more to get higher score plus a 3D graphics.


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