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Tesla Make’s Major Changes To It’s Management Board


Tesla Makes Major changes on Its Management Board.

This was contained in an email that was sent to tesla employees dated on saturday september 7.
The email contained a congratulatory message by the board to the employees thanking them for a job well done, their contributions towards tesla’s development and success achieved within this period, tesla was founded in 2003 as Tesla motors and since seen trememdous progress rising to be among the top vehicle manufacturing company in the world. Other subsidiaries of Tesla include the Energy storage, Lithium- ion battery, Solar panel manufacturing, the company is famous for its electric cars with much competition from the likes of Uber. Tesla’s achievement has been trememdous this year ranging from The Tesla Model S, Model X and Model 3. Others include the tesla Powerwall a rechargeable lithium ion battery stationary energy storage, power pack batteries, solar roof tiles, solar panels and lots more.

The company’s growth is on a steady increase, the company’s model 3 car grew faster in sale more than the Ford Model T, the world record fastest growing car in history. The company has lined up some new products that are expect to be out soon in the market, products like Model Y, a pick up truck, the semi and new Roadster. However there is a mojar change in the companies board of directors after in-depth discussion with the company’s board of directors and company’s staff. The major changes were the promotion of Jerome Guillen to the state of President to oversee the automotive operations and programs management. Jerome Guillen will also cordinate the company’s extensive automotive supply chain. Jerome was promoted to the state of presidency as a result of his deep knowledge on the company’s operations in the past eight years. He was the first program manager of the Model S.

Kevin Kassekert was also promoted to the state of Vice President of people and places, with a responsibility of Human Resources, Construction and Infrastructural development. Kevin has been a Tesla employee for over 6 years. Kevin led the construction and development of the company’s Gigafactory in Nevada changing the state of the factory into into a productive factory with over 12 thousand people working actively.

Chris Lister was also promoted to the state of Vice President at Gigafactory. He joined tesla last year and he played a part in solving the company’s production problems at Gigafactory.

Felicia Mayo, Sir. HR Director and head of Tesla Diversity and Inclusion program were promoted to the state of Vice President. And many more roles were changed.These changes are expected to bring new innovations and productivity on the company’s growth in the future


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