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Samsung Partners Google On RCS Messaging For Android



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Samsung Partners Google On RCS Messaging For Android.

Samsung has announced its partnership with google to deliver an enhanced and improve smartphone messaging for smartphone users, an initiative geard towards Improving global rich Communication Service. The collaboration between the two companies is to ensure that samsung’s messaging will work together with google’s Android Messages alongside the RSC Messaging, and it is expected to have features like;
¤ Group chats
¤ Chat Over WiFi
¤ Ability To See users typing messages
¤ Shareble High resolution photos
¤ Video.

The collaboration between the two companies is expected to yield positive results like ensuring that Samsung and Google’s Android messaging work together with ease plus cloud and business messaging platforms. For long google and samsung has maintained the existing collaboration introducing the RCS platform to some samsung devices, however in a bid to expand the exsisting collaboration between the two companies, the RCS features will be extended to more devices like the Galaxy S8 and S8+. Samsung also stated that its new Galaxy smartphones will support the RCS Messaging, ensuring that Android smartphones users enjoy rich chat with friends both on Android Messages and Samsung Messages. Samsung has however expressed its commitment adhering to collaboration with other companies. Samsung further stated that its partnership with Google will bring a rich messaging platform to its users, letting them connect with friends and family members with ease. A collaboration geard towards rich messaging and global RCS coverage. The collaboration is expected to bring an enhanced messaging service for Android Operating System and its users. The global RCS messages is expected to be included in following samsung smartphones,

1. Samsung Galaxy S8
2. Samsung Galaxy S8+
3. S8 Active
4. S9
5. S9+
6. Note 8
7. Note 9
8. Select A and J Series Running Android OS 9.0 or later.

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