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Samsung Health Recieves New Update



Photo: Samsung

Samsung Health Recieves New Update

Samsung has announced that its health app has been updated to version 6.0 with new set features, new User Interface, fitness tools and many more, set to help in improving personal health of its users. Samsung Health is a digital health platform by samsung aimed at giving users the chance to control their personal health and wellness. Samsung stated that it is commited to give users the tools to manage their personal health. The new version of the samsung health app comes with a newer user interface plus a user friendly design, an improvement from older versions of the app. More features include easy navigation, intuition, easy interaction. The new version saw an improved and more personalized home screen with each item categorized according the needs of the user. The driving force behind this new update is to increase personal health plus complete control of features for users.

Users can now share fitness photos with friends thanks to an improved “Together Tab”, also users can share photos with the user community. The “Discover Tab” was also updated for more adaptable user experience giving more options to see contents related to health, articles and partner programs.

The latest version of the Samsung Health App feature more information on smartwatches with ease which includes a GPS and heart rate tracking information, workout count down. The new update will give users the option to choose from over 33 different excersise with a follow up on their health and fitness level on their smartwatch.

Samsung Health has more options in assisting users with personal health status with features like the “Symptom checker” and the “Ask an expert” feature giving users more opprtunities to access health related information, more especially medical information. Samsung Health service has partners like American Well and Babylon to help user get more and improve their health status taking it the next level.

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