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Samsung Galaxy S10, See What We’ve Found


Samsung Galaxy S10 Leaks, See What We’ve Found

New leaks we’ve seen has shown to us how the Android P looks on the Samsung Galaxy 10 smartphone, there are some issues we found that are not good at all, several features of the Android P cannot be found on the S10, this is something worrisome because we see no reason why samsung will ignore the better part of Android P and stick to mere surface features that will not add any value or whatsoever to users. Although we cannot completely write off the features of the S10, but we expected much not less, Android P promises more for users and samsung Galaxy S10 is trying to deprive us of the stunning features of Android P.

From the looks, the S10 has no pills, no gestures then what else? Samsung just want to make some people feel bad, i’ll rather choose the iPhone XR over the S10 because it offers more features and functionality everyone wants.

Android P is the 9th major update of the Android Operating system officially released on August 6 made available for all Google Pixel smartphones including the Essential Phone. Sony Xperia XZ3 is going to be the first smartphone to come pre installed with the Android P.

S10 potential buyers may loose out major Android P features if we are to go by the current leaks we’ve seen… Stay Connected with, more update soon.



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