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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S Pen: Quick Tutorial



samsung galaxy note 9 s pen: how to use it
Photo: Gizchina

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S Pen: How To Use It.

The samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone was produced with a goal of giving users the best smartphone experience ranging from power performance to improved GPU plus high speed processor and optimized specially for gamers. Yeah, there is an aspect of owning the Galaxy Note 9 smartphone and there is another aspect of using the smartphone to the fullest, honestly if are not utilizing the awsome performance with enhanced features, i must say that you are missing out. Okay it came out and we saw it, tested it and confirmed its abilities then what else should we say concerning the smartphone, the Galaxy Note 9 smartphone is indeed among the best smartphones of 2018 and if you ask me i might say it is the best smartphone more especially for gamers that require no distraction during Gameplay.

The samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone came with enhanced tools like the stylus S Pen which can enable you perform task like signatures right on your smartphone.

Samsung has been working towards changing the way people use their smartphones, making life easier for its smartphone users even on the go. The samsung Galaxy S Pen comes with a Low Energy Bluetooth connectivity. Alright lets dive in so that you can fully utilize your samsung Galaxy note 9 S Pen, what is the essence of owning a tool when you cannot make use of it properly, this guide will show you in detail how to use the S pen.

Guide 1. How To Easily Customize The Galaxy S Pen Remote Function

Samsung’s new innovation called the Bluetooth Low Energy technology has made everything easier for you. This technology has changed the way users control their galaxy smartphone even when in metres aways from the smartphone, it has been transformed into a handy remote control giving users easy access to apps and other functions. It’s very easy, you can customize the clicks of your S Pen like the ability to control specific actions within an app.

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Samsung Galaxy S Pen Contols
¤ Single/Double Click: Carrying out different actions

¤ Holding Down the S Pen button can be used to open other apps as well as other S Pen features. You can open your camera app by simply holding down the S Pen button. Taking your picture is even more easier by clicking once and twice inorder to switch between cameras.

Single and Double Click buttons are conpaitble with 10 apps with further espansion expected through the S Pen Software Development Kit (SDK).

You can also see: Settings > Advanced features > S Pen > S Pen remote.

Guide 2: Drawing Photos

Photo drawing has been made easy with the Galaxy Note 9 smartphone offering users with variety of tools for creating beautiful photos. You can make use of the S pen to draw over images, you also have the option to save or save as i.e keeping your original photo separate from the modified one. Another feature is the ability to see photo you are currently working on i.e Live Preview. You can choose from options like landscape, objects etc.

You can also see: Live Drawing: PENUP > Live drawings.

Guide 3: How To Properly Utilize Your Emojis.

The new emoticon were enriched for the samsung Galaxy Note 9 with the addition of three new emoticons which equals a total of six emoticons.

Guide 4: User Favourite S Pen Function

The samsung Galaxy Note9 S Pen has variety of functions enabled for Galaxy note users, like the screen off memo first introduced with the Galaxy Note 5, thus giving users more freedom to take down notes on favourite activities or new idea generation.

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Smartphones And Computers

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3: Talking Points



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Xiaomi Mi Mix 3: Talking Points

The talking points about the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 is growing and getting more intense. The company’s new smartphone is expected be different from other smartphones.

According to the video posted by the company on youtube, the smartphone will become the first smartphone to feautre over 10 RAM memory. A smartphone with such memory means more productivity, increase speed boost and enhanced performance.

It has a selfie camera plus a rear camera. The smartphone may come in four variants all offereing different class and features.

Model 1: 6GB/64GB storage
Model 2: 6GB/128GB storage
Model 3: 8GB/128GB storage
Model 4: 8GB/256GB storage.

They smartphone has an 845 Snapdragon processor for enhanced speed. The smartphones will be up for as low $500 starting from model 1. The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is expected to launch as soon as possible.

The good news about the Xiao,i Mi Mix the available of 5G thus making it the first mobile phone with an official 5G technology. Xiaomi isn’t sitting on the fence, they’re in the move towards upgrading their devices to the industry standard.

What more can you say concerning a phone with 5G technology. Xiaomi got it and no other is there to compete. More reports reveal that the 5G feature will be available on the edition with 10GB.

The launch of this smartphone will put Xiaomi in the history books of becoming the first company to produce a 5G phone. It’s 5G and we steadily moving on from 4G network connectivity.

Not big and not small but the Xiaomi Mi Mix will have a 1080 x 2340 resolution with a 6.4 amoded.

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Some other features of the smartpgone include;

*Wireless charging
*Facial recognition
*No headphone jack
*Dual rear camera of 16MP

The smartphone is expected to hit the chineese market on thursday. – Tech

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Android 9 Pie Hits ChromeOS




Android 9 Pie has continued its spread reaching new devices and platforms everyday. Although some smartphone manufacturers are yet to hop into the advanced functions Android Pie has to offer.

Android 9 Pie qualifies all description given to it, the 9th version of Android has features like machine learning, AI and more.

And now google has finally updated the Canary version of chrome operating system to run on android 9 Pie. ChromeOS is lucky to incorporate android 9 Pie due to its functionalities.

The introduction fo android 9 Pie to chrome operating system canary channel means lots of changes to the platform. ChromeOS now has new features on board.

The use of Android 9.0 is pretty too slow in 2018, and as the year is gradually winding up the usage of Android Pie by smartphone manufacturers shows high slow rate.

This isn’t a concern to goole, the tech giants has finally switch the canary channel of ChromeOS to android Pie, meaning more robust flexibity, features and enhanced productivity.

The update of ChromeOS canary channels intorduces;

Android Camera App as Default Camera

The introduction of Android 9 Pie to chromeOS has the changed the camera system of ChromeOS. ChromeOS users can now use the android camera app as the Chrome Camera. Google has made it the default camera for ChromeOS.

The new update also saw a redesigned Google Assistant User Interface. ChromeOS has continued its rise and fight to become a recognized Desktop operating system a field dominated by Microsoft windows operating system.

The steady upgrade of chromeOS mean well for the survival fo the operating system. Google doing its best to make it more attractive, fun and easy to use.

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ChromeOS is different OS, you can check out videos about ChromeOS on youtube or other platforms and see for yourself how it looks like. – Tech

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Zen UI 5.0 Hits Asus Zenfone 4 Max



ZenUI 5.0 hits Asus Zenfone 4 Max

Asus has just released the ZenU5 5.0 update to the Asus zenfone 4 max smartphone. The company started releasing the Zen 5.0 update to some asus smartphones and finally hits 4 max Yesterday.

The new update also come’s with an upgrade for users. initially when the smartphone came to the market it had Android 7.1 Noughat as its operating system. But this year the company has decided to send out Android 8.0 Oreo.

Though not seen as the top notch smartphone like the Galaxy Note 9, the smartphone is still useful in many ways.

Asus bundled two updates together meaning if you wish to install it on your device, you will get ZenUI 5.0 and Android Oreo 8.0.

High Points

Asus zenfone 4 max was released last year with android 7.1 also recieving its fair share of the market. The smartphone may not be compared to other top smartphones but it still cool and classy altogether.

The smartphone was running Android 7.1 upon release but the latest update means users now have the opportunity to upgrade to 8.1 Oreo. It came a little bit late as some smartphones have already started exploring android 9.

The smartphone is a budget friendly type. If what you need is good smartphone experience, then you should consider upgrading the latest update on your smartphone.

It’s nice to see smartphone manufactures support phones with regular update.

Low Points

The points we consider less is the absence of some advanced feature. Although there’s not much to expect in a low budget smartphone.

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