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Samsung Galaxy Note 9, A Smartphone Optimized For Gaming


Samsung Galaxy Note 9, A Smartphone Optimized For Gaming.

The samsung Galaxy Note 9 was well crafted, designed and optimized for speed with latest hardware and software implementation, also with higher power to cater for all your needs targeting users that love’s to stay up and running at every interval. The smartphone was packed and shipped with latest hardware and software innovation facilities taking the mobile experience to the next level coupled with an excellent performance and high compatibility for gaming.

Features Optimized for gaming;

1. Cuttinge Edge 10n Processor 6/8GB RAM.

2. Internal Storage Options of about 12GB/512 GB microSD card supporting up to 512GB.

3. A water carbon cooling System.

4. Stereo Speakers tuned by AKG.

5. A 4,000mAh battery that can last you all day.

6. 6.4 bezel less infinity Display

7. On-device Artificial Intelligence (AI) based performance adjusting Algorithm.

9. Game Launcher Application.

Smooth and Stable Performance.

Many smartphone users prefer to own a smartphone with enhanced performance, smooth operation and processor speed. The Galaxy Note 9 smartphone fits all specifications mentioned above turning your gaming experience to the next level with the aid of an enhanced GPU and CPU. The smartphone comes with a 10-nanometer processor that handles graphics intensive games without issues. The Galaxy Note 9 is by far better than the Galaxy Note 8 with enhanced CPU and GPU. The smartphone also features an AI based performance adjustment system that monitors the performance at a regular interval, it supports about 40% stable FPS when gaming. The smartphone can predict any change in temperature of the internal hardware and in turn adjust the CPU and GPU, before a drop in FPS occurs.

Enhanced Cooling.

Continued playing of games with high memory and visual strength can cause the device to heat up thereby putting the CPU and GPU under intense pressure. But thanks to an enhanced cooling system which provides faster cooling with the aid of the Water Carbon Cooling System which allows your smartphone to run smoothly throughout your gaming session. The samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes with an internal heat pipe “Thermal Spreader” which dissipates the heat generated internally.

More Control For Gamers

Gamers have full control over every gaming session, the smartphone has features to handle sudden notifications like incoming phone calls, text messages etc. The Game Launcher will help you avert such distractions. The Game Launcher allows players to streamline and concentrate fully on their gaming sessions by fully averting unwanted alerts from text messages and phone calls, it also features a screenshooter allowing users to make a screenshot of game sessions plus a video recording function. The Game launcher saw improvements and better enhancements for the Galaxy Note 9 smartphone with user customization features like frame rate, resolution and battery usage for each game. New improvements include pop up window for app lauching, checking certain tips on the internet, youtube during gameplay. The Galaxy Note 9 smartphone also inlcude Fortnite, Black Desert and Player Unknown Battleground. Users can enjoy special bonus and discounts.

With a battery capacity that can last you all day, you can enjoy more than enough hours for your gameplay. The battery has a capacity of about 4,000mAh well suitetable for the high graphics performance of the smartphone. It also comes with stereo speakers powered by AKG with rich sounds for your gaming experience. It has amplifying enhancements. Tons of games available to you, however games availability may vary by region.


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