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Samsung Electronics Opens A New AI Center



Photo: Samsung Newsroom

Samsung Electronics Opens A New AI Center.

Samsung electronics have just launched a new AI center in New York city, US. This is an addition to the already existing Samsung Artificial Intelligence Research Centers in the UK, Canada, Russia. The newly openned centre in New York will focus on robotics.

It was officially announced by samsung today september 9 that a new Artificial Intelligence research centre will be openned in New York, a move to strengthen its Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities. The AI center will be led by Samsung Research Executive Vice President, Daniel D Lee, who is a global authority in Artificial Intelligence based Robotics, he joined samsung electronics last june.

According to Hyun-suk kim, President and Head of Samsung Research ” what we need now is to focus on creating new values that make people’s lives easier and more convenient by harnessing the power of AI in samsung’s product and services”.
Inorder to make this work, samsung global centers including the New center in New York Must live up to its billing and perfom the needed work, playing a vital role in all.
Furthermore, samsung has announced its plan to expand it’s Advanced Artificial Intelligence research capabilities and employ over 1,000 specialist by the year 2020. The new Artificial Intelligence centre in New York will become the sixth Artificial Intelligence center owned by samsung around the world. Samsung’s other Artificial Intelligence centre around the world include

1. Korea
2. United Kingdom
3. Russian Federation
4. Canada
5. Silicon Valley, US. Plus the new centre;
6. New York, US.

According to Daniel .D Lee, ” we are excited to open a new AI center in New York, which will specialize in robotics research”. The new Artificial Intelligence center in New York is located at;
!123 West 18th street New York.

The ceremony held on september 7, saw over 100 guest in attendance including President Kim and other top figures in the AI research project. The AI centres across the globe is expected to increase Samsung’s Artificial Intelligence Research. Samsung Electronics is also in a cooperation with a leading authority in neuroscience-based Artificial Intelligence technologies, H. Sebastian Seung. In the past few years the Artificail Intelligence field has witnessed an unexpected growth owing to efforts by various organizations working towards ensuring easier access for everyone. Samsung’s focus on AI research and development could become the game changer in the next years to come.

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