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Samsung & Disney Reveals Zootopia Emojis


Samsung & Disney Reveals Zootopia AR Emojis

In the old days when messaging platforms were not popular, the emojis or emoticons were never presentable, they looked so crappy and unattractive to use, you couldn’t send your friends emojis about what you are feeling because those emojis were made up of lines, slash that barely send message across. Having a chat session back then was only fun when the conversation was flowing but when it comes to added touch, there was none. But now emoticons are now transformed into emojis that can send message across to your friends interpreting your present state of mind, feeling, mood etc the use of AR emojis during chat session has made it more fun. Samsung and disney have long teamed up delivering high quality emojis more especially the introduction of the AR Emojis in the samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone with the addition of three new AR emoji characters making your chat sessions more fun and loving.

zootopia emoji
photo: samsung blog

It is easy to download the Zootopia Emojis unto your smartphone, users of Galaxy S9; S9+. Galaxy S8 and S8+ users are not left out of this. To downloda follow this steps

Step 1: Access the Camera AR Emoji

Step 2: Tap the + icon on the right hand corner

Step 3: Select the Zootopia AR Emoji pack and thats all. You can share your favourite Emojis.
To download the disney Emojis. Navigate to the Galaxy App store



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