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Samsung Debuts World First Onyx Multiplex Theater



Photo: Samsung

Samsung Debuts World First Onyx Multiplex Theater.

Samsung Electronics has debuted the World first Onyx Multiplex Theater with Wanda Cinema in City of Shangai, China PR.

The theater was officially opened on 7th september with over six Samsung Onyx screens all in a single location, the six sets of screens are expected to light up the theater and creating an overwelming movie and entertaining experience for audiences. This move is on the history books of samsung for being the first company in the world to open the first Onyx multi theater from Wanda Cinemas, According to Samsung’s Executive Vice President Mr. Seog-gi Kim, ” The entire Samsung team is thrilled to be part of history with the first ever Onyx multi-theater from Wanda Cinemas in Shanghai, China”. The new cinema will bring an innovative vedio and graphics with true black colors and vivid, dynamic images, featuring a crisp LED picture quality.

Wanda Cinema will feature over 6 Samsung Onyx Cinema LED Screens with high dynamic range picture re-enforcement technology.

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