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Pandora Music Shaking As Sirius XM Take Charge


Pandora Music Shaking, SiriusXM Take charge

Sadly we can no longer hear the famous Pandora Music platform standing on its own with on its legs due to recent happenings on it.

Is no longer news though, Pandora music has been transfered to its new owner, Siriusm XM.

Sirium XM is a satellite Radio service trading as SIRI at NASDAQ. Sirius XM is a radio broadcatsing comapny with headquarters in New York City, US. The company operates in the US with an affiliate company in Canada.

The company acquired the Popular Pandora music streaming service for a total of over $3.5 billion. The deal between the two companies was formally concluded on monday which saw an increase in the stock market for pandora. Signaling a bright future for pandora after Sirius XM take over.

Sirius XM has stated clearly that it will make all eforts to maintain pandora music service, making it live up to standard thus providing premium services to listeners.

However Sirius XM has made public on how it will manage the affairs of Pandora that Pandora and it services would not be altered for now, but changes might happen in nearest future.

The complete take over means sirius XM now controls Pandora music service and its affairs.

The dream of expanding services is among the points that pushed for the acquisition of Pandora music service. Sirius XM hopes to reach new customers aside from its car service and pandora music has offered such to Sirius XM.

“Through targeted investments, we see significant opportunities to drive innovation that will accelerate growth beyond what would be available to the separate companies, and does so in a way that also benefits consumers, artists, and the broader content communities,” SiriusXM CEO Jim Meyer.

He further stated that Sirius XM will deliver the best to its listeners and in the process attract new listeners to the service.

Sirius XM is already running a car based suscription service offering premium content to car owners. The move is a great move that is commendable, no one expects Pandora music service to be that challenger to the like of Apple Music or Spotify.

This acquisition by Sirius XM could pave way for better content and service for pandora and its users


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