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OnePlus Turn To Smart TVs


OnePlus Turn To Smart TVs

Top smartphone phone maker, OnePlus has changed its course into developing Tvs for its customers, a move seen by some tech enthusiast as a way to spy on innocent users. OnePlus has been in the news for some reasons we do not inderstand, now we hear of their attention towards TV manufacuturing.

The company’s last controversy was on the removal of the headphone jack on its OnePlus 6T smartphone. OnePlus users wanted the headphone jack but they completely ignored it, so what’s next for us to talk about, the growth of every company relies soley on its market share, OnePlus may have made a big mistake by choosen what they like over what their customers want. Now they are on the verge of making a smart TV.

The announcement was made in the company’s official forum, the annoucement stated clearly that they are working towards developing smart TV with the best of interior and exterior quality, including high picture quality, sound and others, all expected to be made public upon its release. The smart TV is codenamed the

OnePlus TV.

OnePlus is a chineese smartphone manufacturer founded by “Pete Lau” who is the current CEO of the company covering over 34 countries of the world. The company has rivals like Xiaomi, a company whoose business is solely based on the chineese market.

OnePlus on the other hand focuses on western countries instead. For some time now, we’ve seen OnePlus raise the price of its products yearly however this never affects the value of its products, although they may not get the best in terms of market share.

On the TV, the company hasn’t laid much empasis on its release date, type and features, although we were made to know that the project is a smart TV with enhanced video and audio quality with improved outer design.

oneplus smartphones
Photo Of A OnePlus 4 Smartphone – Gadgetsnow

About the issue of users spying, some tech enthusiast have suggested that the TV project willl not be an exception from its history of user spying. OnePlus owners maybe trying to run faster than their shadows, we’ve seen Samsung Electronics and Apple Inc not in the habbit of spying on its users.

Although Apple Inc recently suffered a schocking attack by 16 year old Australian teenager who gained access to Apple Inc data base and was making rounds on his whatsapp page telling his friends anout his latest adventure into the world of apple. It was reported that the boy is a huge fan of Apple Inc and its products. Some big companies were found guilty of spying on its users secretly and they were made to pay huge fines.

With support of Netflix and Amazon Prime, will there be a change when OnePlus enters the scene? OnePlus a company with over US$1.4 billion (2017) according “Wikipedia” has a lot to do if it plans to become successful in smart TVs.

OnePlus has witnessed some shortfalls on its bid to become a top chellenger in the smartphone market as a result they were banned in india on december 16, 2014 due to a lawsuit filled by Mixcromax stating that it has the only right to ship smartphones with

Cyanogen OS

to the indian smartphone ,market. However the ban was lifted four days after. OnePlus has made tremendous progress on its smartphone product. Here some OnePlus smartphones:

1. OnePlus One
2. OnePlus 2
3. OnePlus X
4. OnePlus 3
5. OnePlus 3T
6. OnePlus 5 and othes.


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