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Oculus Quest VR Device Announced


Oculus Quest VR Announced

Oculus has finally unveild the oculus quest VR device to the public, the oculus quest was formerly called the Santa cruz project.

It weighs up around $399 featuring touch controls. The new VR device is simply a high end standalone VR headset. Oculus this time went high end, four headset inside with two positioned tracking which make’s it stand out great.

It incorporates head turns and head touch gestures with an overall body movement.

It has a built in speaker rig which is similar to the oculus Go VR headset and display that is also similar to the Oculus GO at 16X440 per eye.

Uhm!! They promised us about 50+ games at the launch and we are curious about that, so how true is that and should we believe it? Well excellent experience for a $400 VR device.

The oculus quest come’s with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor bringing faster VR experience to you.

But why 835, when some smartphones have upto 845. Maybe up for debate.

The company stated that it would bring a PC level VR experience to users. The oculus quest is a 6 degree of freedom VR device for a better experience.

What this means is that you can walk, move and turn sides with ease. The Oculus quest is a standout from other oculus VR devices due to its improved graphics, audio, screen resolution, image quality and better sensor for tracking.

However the quest may struggle a little bit and may not be compared to a PC


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