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Nintendo New Update Lets You Play Games On Multiple Consoles


Nintendo New Update Let’s You Play Games On Multiple Consoles.

New update recently released on Nintendo switch now allows gamers to play their favourite games on multiple consoles. This was made possible following a recent firmware update on Nintendo switch, upon its released, there were lots of uncertainties concerning the new service, Nintendo did its best making it very affordable for gamers. The controversies that surrounded the service is about a bug found within the online platform, whenever a users suscription expires, the cloud saving functionality virtually cannot be found anymore, something that has never been seen on other platforms raising alarms from different gamers. So what it means is that if i let my suscription expires and i fail to renew my suscription, the saving functionality will disappear and i can no longer find it, it is something that is not supposed surface in the first place, i can’t enjoy my games if mistakenly i forgot to renew my suscription. Well this bug issue cannot be a set back for you as we believe that within a short time the issue might be fixed. Actually guys, what drew our attention is the recent firmware update made by Nintendo to make gamers feel what they feel differently. The firmware saw the ability to link Non primary switches with the users Nintendo account. A move that has changed gaming on Nintendo switch differently, as you can now downlod games and install them on different game consoles and play anywhere as you like and as you wish. You can download your favourite games like;

1. Undertale
2. Into The Breach
3. Dell cells
4. Dragon Quest builders
5. Golf Story
6. Ginny Woo
7. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
8. Mr. Shifty
9. Night in the woods
10.Owlboy. These and many more. However the games we listed above are among the standout games on Nintendo Switch for 2018, you can check them out and see for your self. Nintendo Switch designed as a home game console which allows you to connect directly to your home TV. The console was codenamed NX and is seen as an Hybrid console. Follow these tips to get the most out of your Nintendo switch console

1. Checking The Battery Level
Game consoles especially the Nintendo switch console is more portable with a battery that can last you for over 6 hours on standby game play, although some gamers do not love the low battery capacity it has, so if your plan is to keep your gaming on at all times, then you would require a standby power to keep you going. To check your battery level;

Step 1: Hold down the “Home Button” during gameplay.

Step 2: Wait until a pop-up appears with menu


Step 3:. Hold the ZL and ZR together.

2. See gameplay duration
On Nintendo switch you can see how long or hour you’ve spent on your games and your friends too. To do so simply

Step 1: Click on the picture located at the top right corner of the home screen

Step 2: Click on Profile to see the time you’ve spent.

3. Hard reset in case it freezes Hold down the power button for some seconds until it powers down, then wait for some time like 1 minute and power it on.
Still issues? Try this;
Step 1: hold down the power button until the logo appears (Maintanance Mode) then it will perform a factory reset
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