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Nigeria Sees Increase On Internet Users With Over 104.6m



Nigeria NCC

Nigeria Witnesses Increase On Internet Users

NCC nigeria, the body set up by the government of nigeria has released a data report on the internet usage of the country. The regulatory commission has been involved in transforming the nations telecommunications sector for the past years thereby insurancing transparency in the nations telecommunication sector.

The Nigeria Communications Commission announced that, the nations internet suscription has risen from 103,671,778 in the month of july to a total of 104,628,642 last month August.

Internet users in nigeria has grown rapidly as there are new start ups and entrepreneurs making their businesses available over the internet.

The era of location based bussiness are gone and business in nigeria are using this opportunity to sell themselves on the internet.

This has resulted in the increase of internet suscribers in the country.

It is a growth report that is well commendable. Nigeria, a country with over 160 million people with lots of businesses working towards achieving the goals of their business.

Every business require an internet suscription to run its affairs on the internet, so far the report is just an indication towards how nigerians have keyed into the internet space.

Although the average internet user in nigeria some way have an interest on social media or social media related activities. As the use smartphones increases so as the rate of internet suscribers in the country increases.

According to the report by Nigeria internet regulatory commision, the country recorded a huge increase of suscribers in one month at about 1,056,864 suscribers.

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NCC further disclosed that, south african company, MTN Nigeria maintained its stand as the leading company. The roundup saw other companies like;

1. MTN NG = 36.4million
2. Airtel NG 27.5million
3. Globacom NG 27.4million
4. 9Mobile NG 10.2million

internet users

Internet User –

The companies all combined together raised a total of 104million for the month of August.


The telecom sector in nigeria is a well heated sector, companies like Globacom which is the only indigeneous company in the sector has been working towards getting to the top of the nations internet suscription leader with the introduction of cheaper and affordable internet plans for users.

Globacom offers plans for as low as N25 for a daily plan which is seen as the lowest in the country. However MTN is still seen as the popular brand that everyone want’s use.

MTN also offers good plans for its users making it standout to become the leader in the countries data suscription line.
Airtel is making huge efforts and 9mobile is also trying their best to catch up with the rest at the top.


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Shortcuts, Customize your android phone with Shorty



Easy Access On Your Android
Smartphone With Shorty

Easy access on your android smartphone is something great, think of it owning a smartphone with poor navigation, shortcuts is a no no. And owning a smartphone with easy shortcuts and navigation is a real deal. And what that means is you no longer need to goto settings or clicking on app icons before you access features on your phone.

That trend is too old fashioned and can never be productive for anyone in the 21st century. If you have better navigation and shortcuts trust me you can perform all your task alot more faster than usual.

Although there are thirdparty apps to assist you with this, but we are introducing shorty.

The app has beautiful icons that looks awsome on your smartphone. The app can do several task for you, browser your internal files, cloud etc.

The app is an easy way to make shortcuts on your android smartphone. Also you can access other files, cloud etc. You use Shorty to access the internet, log in cloud documents and access any file on your android smartphone.

Shorty is another way to make shortcuts look more easy and fun for you. Shorty can change your phone experience from the usual way to new look.

Exploring Shorty

Goto file explorer on your smartphone, long tap on the app you wish to use.

Note: Ensure shorty is already installed and running (Open).

On file explorer locate any app you like, then long tap it, click on the share icon to create a shortcut.

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So whenever you wish create a shortcut you can follow the above instruction. Another good news is you can customize the look and feel of your apps, you can pin apps and tool directly to your home screen.

Shorty is an independent app but unknown to many, this app allows you do anything you swish to do with shortcuts. Our Honest review is, shorty is best and you should try it out. Head to

Google Play Store

, search for Shorty then install it.

Enjoy customising your smartphone with shorcuts just the way you like – Tech

Photo Credit: Google Play Store

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The X Files: Movie Review



the x files drama
Photo: Wikipedia

Movie Review: The X Files

In the good old days of X files movie series it was seen as the great deal movie that everyone would love to watch or have glimpes of the movie.

You cannot take it away that X files was the great deal. Fans love it and wouldn’t care much of what people might say. A movie for the classics.

Although it recently caught some some slacks but without arguements the movie i still great to watch.

The first season of the movie wasn’t quite interesting at all. But as it progressed far everything changed for the movie.

The movie attracted several interest across the entertainment world. Nonethtless it is still regarded as a top movie out there.

Looking back, the second, third and fourth was okay but the rise to predomance was started from fifth and sixth season.

As a usual thing for fans, the movie started to get some dislikes especially the mythology arcs, which is still the best episodes the movie has produced on the long run.

The movie had lots to offer, every season saw great improvements making it more promising among other competitors.

The first season was

1. Tooms double-bill
2. Thing-like journey with Ice.

The movie X files is an american fictional drama which started as far back September 10, 1993 upto May 19, 2002. The drama series had over 9 seasons which included over 202 different episodes form each season.

The drama was re-invented by fox in 2017 by fox who announced that the drama will be returning with its 11th season and the movie started to premier at January 3, 2018.

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The season 3 continued with Mulder and Scully separately and were replaced temporarily.

X Files wasn’t bad at all although it witnessed high and low points during its reign most especially during the early seasons and talking points too.

The X-Files has over 11 seasons which has now found its wasy to several cinemas. Recently the Blue ray was brought to the UK by Fox. It is hard right now to see the older season but you can still find them out in cinemas.

The X Files having Season 1-9 on Blue-Ray. Probably the season 8 was great.

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Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 (PC) Talking Points



call fo duty black ops 4

Talking Points Of Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 PC Version

Call of duty has been a sensational video game for many PC gamers, it is a game to enjoy for every game lover.
Even though the graphics looks great on windows PC, the case looks different on Xbox one consoles more especially on multiplayer scenes. I just cant image what you guys will feel like, but all the same the game is cool on its part.

One thing we’ve noticed is the game engine has got a new look and is quite different from the usual engine the developers were using.

The graphics quality is around 1080p and 1440, maybe not as bad as you will think of.

So what do you see about the top challenges on Call of Duty Black Ops 4, Quite challenging guys in the single player mode. We’ve waited for so long to see a game like this from Call Of Duty developers.

Its predecessor Call Of Duty 3 was also good and interesting too, the new abilities introduced make’s it easier for Single Players to make the move and get grounds.

Some gamers actually thought that the developers would come up with a totally different name or a new franchise however it turns out to become call of duty black ops 4.

But if you watched the videos of the game you would have noticed what we are saying. This is 2018 and we’ve got to see something new and different.

One thing about Call Of Duty is that even if it has awful graphics the game play is still thrilling. But we hope the developers will put more efforts towards improving the graphics.

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Wether you like or not the game has top positives you understand what i mean. You can check out the review on


But some people see Call Of Duty 4 as the most enjoyable game since MW2. But this what fans will love to say, but still not bad for a game of about $40 dollars.

The game is still nice even though it gat some poor graphics quality. What do you think about the game play, have you watched the scenes on Youtube? Or have tried playing it.

Hit us out your comments are important.

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