Nigeria Sees Increase On Internet Users With Over 104.6m


Nigeria Witnesses Increase On Internet Users

NCC nigeria, the body set up by the government of nigeria has released a data report on the internet usage of the country. The regulatory commission has been involved in transforming the nations telecommunications sector for the past years thereby insurancing transparency in the nations telecommunication sector.

The Nigeria Communications Commission announced that, the nations internet suscription has risen from 103,671,778 in the month of july to a total of 104,628,642 last month August.

Internet users in nigeria has grown rapidly as there are new start ups and entrepreneurs making their businesses available over the internet.

The era of location based bussiness are gone and business in nigeria are using this opportunity to sell themselves on the internet.

This has resulted in the increase of internet suscribers in the country.

It is a growth report that is well commendable. Nigeria, a country with over 160 million people with lots of businesses working towards achieving the goals of their business.

Every business require an internet suscription to run its affairs on the internet, so far the report is just an indication towards how nigerians have keyed into the internet space.

Although the average internet user in nigeria some way have an interest on social media or social media related activities. As the use smartphones increases so as the rate of internet suscribers in the country increases.

According to the report by Nigeria internet regulatory commision, the country recorded a huge increase of suscribers in one month at about 1,056,864 suscribers.

NCC further disclosed that, south african company, MTN Nigeria maintained its stand as the leading company. The roundup saw other companies like;

1. MTN NG = 36.4million
2. Airtel NG 27.5million
3. Globacom NG 27.4million
4. 9Mobile NG 10.2million

internet users
Internet User – Sundaily.my

The companies all combined together raised a total of 104million for the month of August.


The telecom sector in nigeria is a well heated sector, companies like Globacom which is the only indigeneous company in the sector has been working towards getting to the top of the nations internet suscription leader with the introduction of cheaper and affordable internet plans for users.

Globacom offers plans for as low as N25 for a daily plan which is seen as the lowest in the country. However MTN is still seen as the popular brand that everyone want’s use.

MTN also offers good plans for its users making it standout to become the leader in the countries data suscription line.
Airtel is making huge efforts and 9mobile is also trying their best to catch up with the rest at the top.


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