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New iPad Pro Coming This October


New Ipad Pro Coming This October

After the recent release of the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR, apple is preparing the launch of a new iPad pro in the month of october.

We’ve seen some reference from the recently released of iOS 12 to a iPad 2018 4 for this year.

You could imaging how this could be in a real sense, we are waiting for the Apple event to kickstart so that we can have our eyes hovering over the the much anticipated iPad Pro 2018.

So what’s up, we just wish you guys out there could get an invite to the Apple event hloding this October. Maybe you could be doing that this year if you’ve not attended Apple events before.

Apple has iPads and Max, may not be usually seen as small for the october Apple event.

The iPad Pro has been assumed to be a new iPad redesigned ready ready to be unveiled to everyone. This year, Apple Inc has tried is best for people that are low on budget by releasing the low budget friendly iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR smartphones.

And the new iPad Pro is more like targeted at users wanting to move from things like the new Surface Pad, and the cool and classy Chromebox.

Talking about Chromebox, Google might be having stuffs to show up in october 9 with entirely new feattures.

This event is just an event where Apple wants to announce to people why the iPad Pro could cost at a higher price, because it is the best tablet can buy in the market.

The iPad Pro is better than a tablet more like a Laptop but don’t take it away from the fact that it is an iPad.

Interseting Features

The new iPad Pro will come with an entirely new design like the connector, rumours strongly suggest that Apple could go with the type-C which allow you to charge the iPad at a faster rate than usual and it will create new options for new and more input.

The monitor could be a low display monitor. It is like a next in display to the Macbook Pro PC and will have an access to the Apple Pro Pencil.

The iPad Pro is a top quality iPad much more like a PC.
It will likely come with a touchscreen input device layered on top of it.

Battery: Could be strange but the iPad Pro comes with a bigger battery in size inside for more performance.


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