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New EU Copyright Law Could Change The Internet



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New EU copyright Law Could Change The Internet.

The european union’s commitment to the protection of rights of people could mean a change on the internet. The EU parliament is working on changing the copyright act and could vote on a copyright that highlights recent warnings on top tech companies of privacy breach. The parliament is aiming at crediting publishers, artist and film makers on their works especially when their activities are featured or shown on platforms like Google Search, Youtube. This move will help in fairly compensating artist and publishers on their efforts and a way of enforcing strict laws on copyright in general.
In recent times the europen union parliament imposed heavy fines on top tech companies due to some copyright violations carried out by these companies.

The EU parliament is expected to make some ammendments to the copyright act today september 12.

Artist, musicians has to be fairly or properly credited for their works, the new law by the EU will create a balance between publishers, film makers and musicians. However some persons has kicked against such move by the EU with the reason it may bring about the end of internet sites that spread viral contents or an open internet. The article 13 of the legislation could bring and end to memes making the likes of Youtube enter into an infringement of copyright due to contents uploaded by its users. This would give more problem and time to tech companies who will now target users preventing them from uploaded contents that violate the copyright act. This law will mean that users can no longer express their views freely on the internet. Some big companies like Amazon, Pandora and Ebay have already campaigned against the law by the EU.

The new law also mean that sites like Google News will pay news publishers for featuring their news on the platform. It may put news aggregator sites on a hot seat.

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