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Mozilla Firefox To Block Cryptocurrency Hijacking Malware



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Mozilla Firefox To Block Crytocurrency Hijacking Malware.

Mozilla firefox browse will start blocking malwares in its future update and releases, this was stated in an annoucement that was made public on august 30, 2018. This move was triggered by recent anti tracking initiative, a move to combat illegal tracking, if you study closely whenever browsers load web pages it also spends more time to load these trackers used by thirdparty operatives. Recently, it was discovered that hackers were using smartphones to mine cryptocurrencies with the aid of malware codes by entrapping them onto the mobile root directories. These hackers secretly mine cryptocurrencies using smartphones the’ve entrapped. Firefox however stated that it will block all cryptocurrency scripts.

Mozilla Firefox has been working towards helping users browse the internet with more choice on data and privacy, the company is more concerned about users privacy and data control. Opera browser is also making moves towards protecting users data, back in 2017, opera released anti-cryto currency minining into their Ad-blocker feature. Opera also announced on August this year that it’s desktop browsers will have cryptocurrency wallet functionality. The move by both companies will help secure users of smartphones and desktops from cryptocurrency fraudsters aiming at using their devices for easy and cheap mining.

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