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MotoG5 Plus: How To Install Android 9 On MotoG5 Plus


How to install android 9 Pie On Motorola G5 Plus.

Android released the version 9 along with several advanced features such as artificial intelligence support, machine learning capabilities and improved graphics.

In this article we shall outline the various steps that you should follow whenever you wish to upgrade to the android 9 pie with your Moto G5 Plus.

android developers has made final touches and fixes to enable the android 9 pie run smoothly on actual devices.

How To Install Android 9 Pie On Moto G6 Plus Smartphone


1. Unlocked Bootloader

2. The lastest 3.2.1 Recovery software installed.

3. Then download the actual OS files

Let us proceed with the steps.

Step 1: Backup your data, in case of failure you can revert the settings to the normal state of the device.

Step 2: Cache Dalvik
Step 3: Cache and Data

Step 4: Goto the installation section and install the operating system Lineage or Lineage OS.
Note: This might take a minute or more, wait for it to install.

Step 5: Use Dalvik cache to cache the system memory again. Ensure you follow the exact process and don not skip a step.

Step 6: Install the android DP5 image. To do this goto the installation section and installl from there. You can also do via the fast boot method.

Step 7: Goto mount section and select the smartphone manufacturer. This process will fix all feature errors that are not working properly.

Step 8: after the flashing has completed, goto mount section again and select the vendor and flash the Post SGSAS. Now you have successfully installed android 9 on your Moto G5 Plus smartphone.

Now reboot your smartphone.
If successful a Google logo will be presented at first reboot.

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